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Speed Light V2

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Product Information

An optimal listening experience requires precise settings, especially when it comes to motor speed. The clearaudio Speed Light V2 is your key to accurate speed adjustments, regardless of the power grid frequency in your country. In this enhanced version, we present an upgrade for ultimate precision and user-friendliness.

New features at a glance:

White LED for improved visibility:
The transition from a blue LED to a white LED ensures an even better visibility of the line pattern on the stroboscopic disc. Every pulse is accurately captured, allowing for precise speed adjustments.

Extended operating time with a new battery:
The switch to the lithium button cell (CR2023) not only provides a longer operating time but also ensures a constant power supply for reliable performance. The Speed Light V2 does not have a rechargeable battery and operates only on a battery or continuous power.

New Micro-USB port for battery-independent operation:
The implementation of a Micro-USB port offers the option of battery-independent operation.

Aluminum casing:
The casing, milled from solid material and made of anodized aluminum, replaces the previous plastic, improving durability and adding an aesthetically pleasing element.

Compatible with the Stroboscopic Test Record:
The clearaudio Speed Light V2 is perfectly tuned for use with our Stroboscopic Test Record.