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Talisman V2 Gold MC

Simple, elegant, great

1.900,00 € Plus Shipping Costs
Cart Item Number: MC022
Product Information

Due to its patented symmetrical arrangement of eight magnets
and 24 carat gold wire coils the new Talisman V2 Gold redefines
the performance available at this price level and reveals the sonic
potential of the second generation ‘V2’ series of Clearaudio
moving coil cartridges. The legendary combination of a rigid
boron cantilever and HD Diamond diamond stylus extract even
the finest details stored in the record’s groove both effortlessly
and meticulously to deliver an unprecedented performance. The
10.8 gram hand-polished ebony body not only impresses with its
discreet elegance, but also contributes to the clear, captivating
sound of this cartridge by perfectly supressing resonances.