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Wim’s – Driven By Music

In his over 45 years as a filmmaker, Wim has been responsible for over fifty cinematic works. Most of his films are genuine “road movies”, where the protagonists fly, walk, ride or drive a car, up or down some road, searching what was left behind or seems to lie ahead of them, and as the car’s wheels keep on spinning, so do the records that play that music.

Media type: 3 × 180 g
Performer: Various Artists
Label: Wenders

58,39 € Plus Shipping Costs
Cart Item Number: WM09LP
Product Information

This spinning motion in movement and music seems to keep everything and everyone running, even if nobody is moving.
All of Wim’s films feature music and show that music is Wim’s motor. Devices that play music are akin to life-saving machines for Wim. Celebrating his 70th birthday this year, what better present to get him than a vinyl LP album with musicians and bands that became his and his film’s friends and companions through all the years. So we started asking around, who would be joining this compilation album, and in the end 36 musicians contributed. Some of them sent songs that appeared in one of Wim’s films, others composed new tracks to appear on the album. All in all it became a special collection of great music on three vinyl LPs. And as this was made for Wim, the album is called “Wim’s”. But you do not just cut one album. We made 5,000 as a limited birthday compilation, so everyone can have their own edition of “Wim’s – Driven by Music”.

Track list

Side A:
1. Portishead – The Rip
2. Calexico – El Morro
3. Jürgen Knieper – Der Himmel über Berlin (Theme)
4. Crime & The City Solution – Goddess
5. Bryan Ferry – Falling in Love Again
6. Bonnie Prince Billy – Cal’s Song

Side B:
1. Ry Cooder – Paris, Texas (Theme)
2. Texas – I Don’t Want a Lover
3. Irmin Schmidt – Flavia’s Theme
4. New World Renaissance Band – La Prima Vez
5. BAP – Diego Paz wohr nungzehn
6. Axel Linstädt – Nine Feet Over the Tarmac

Side C:
1. Get Well Soon – The Survivors
2. Lou Reed – What’s Good
3. Sibylle Baier – Wim
4. Mick Harvey – The Songs that You Left
5. Die Toten Hosen – Wofür Man Lebt
6. U2 – Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
7. Travis – Idlewild

Side D:
1. Patti Smith – Wing
2. Thom – Rooftop
3. Monta – When the Cold Wind
4. The Eels – Souljacker Pt. I
5. Lovegrove (feat. P. Flåta – Renegade Queen
6. Sqürl – Francine Says

Side E:
1. Radiohead – Karma Police
2. Laurent Petitgand – Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
3. Roxy Music – Bitter Sweet
4. Can – Last Night Sleep
5. Laurie Anderson – Tightrope
6. Nick Cave – Into My Arms

Side F:
1. And The Golden Choir – The Queen Of Snow
2. Pieta Brown – Drifter
3. Lovegrove (feat. Gemma Ray) – Halfway To Paradise
4. Jun Miyake – Building Man
5. Irmin Schmidt – Strange Luck
6. Wim (the band) – Betty