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45 Years Excellence Edition Vol. 1 Ultimate HiQuality CD (UHQCD)

Performer: Various
Label: In-Akustik

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Product Information

45 Years of Clearaudio – The Album
There are different ways to celebrate an anniversary. We can look back and reflect on where we’ve
been and how far we’ve come. Or we can look forward towards future possibilities. Alternatively, we
can simply pause for a moment and be present – right here, right now. Rather like we are aware and mindful of what is happening at this very moment when we’re enjoying superb music, excellently recorded and played.

That’s how we’re celebrating Clearaudio’s 45th anniversary. To mark the occasion
we’re delighted to present an album of music that embodies our passion for perfection, for nuanced and detailed sound, and for an intimate marriage of creativity and technical finesse. In other words, an album that reflects the key principles by Clearaudio.
„Take the best, make it better – only then it is just good enough“.

This well-known quote is as valid today as it was 45 years ago, and has inspired a host of colleagues and collaborators along the way. Ever since the reclease of Delta and Sigma speakers in 1978 and the development of the first moving coil cartridges, not a day has passed when we didn‘t strive to set new standards for higher fidelity. This mindset continues to underpin our work at Clearaudio.

No matter where you’ve come from or where you are going. If your heart beats to the drum of truly
authentic sound, then you’ll find clearaudio spirit, will and drive in every single one of our products –
from the most towering turntable to the smallest cable.

While some creators may be content with merely looking closley, Clearaudio has always looked and
listened closely. Very closely – and at both ends of the spectrum, from top-quality record engineering
to excellent playback. So the early stages of every Clearaudio musical recording begins with questions like: „Does it sound exactly like in a concert hall?“ and „Does the music feel as was intended
when it was written and composed?“.

In addition to our own recordings, a number of our favourite legendary productions from Deutsche Grammophon have also found their way onto this album. So why not take a pause, `take five`and enjoy these moments of exceptional music, lovingly produced. And join us in celebrating 45 years of loving music!

Track list

1| Anna Gréta – Home (From the Album: Nightjar In The Northem Sky)
2| Cécile Verny Quartet – As Soon As They Have All Aligned (From the Album: Fear & Faith)
3| Dominique Fils-Aimé – Birds (From the Album: Fear & Faith)
4| Jamie Woon – Sharpness (From the Album: Making Time)
5| Friends’N Fellow – Time (From the Album: Lady)
6| Imaginary Future – Hey Jude (From the Album: Yesterday)
7| Josefine Cronholm – Blackbird (From the Album: Ember)
8|Martin Lechner – The Masquerade Is Over (From the Album: Somethin‘ Old & Somethin‘ New – Somethin‘ Else)
9| Thorsten Goods – Work Song (From the Album: Thank you Baby!)
10| Wolfgang Bernreuther – Can’t Get Rid Of (From the Album: Still A Fool)
11| Vanessa Fernandez – Here But I’m Gone (From the Album: Use Me)
12| Julia Werup – The Thrill is Gone (From the Album: The Thrill of Loving You)
13| Mike Andersen – Over You (From the Album: Echoes)