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Performance record weight (black)

Record weight made of aluminum with an integrated Teflon bushing on the underside for smooth placement (332 g).

Also available in silver.

250,00 € Plus Shipping Costs
Cart Item Number: AC171/B
Product Information

This high-quality accessory, available in silver or black anodized aluminum, is specifically designed for the Performance series and stands out with its stylish design and exceptional functionality. Of course, this weight can also be used with other Clearaudio models and other brands.

The Performance record weight features an integrated Teflon bushing on the underside, ensuring smooth placement and significantly easing handling. At the same time, the weight is softly decoupled from the spindle. With a precisely calibrated weight of 332 grams, it is tailored for turntables with CMB bearings and clearaudio DC motors, making it the perfect complement to these systems.

Additionally, the record weight is compatible with all radial tonearms as well as the TT5 tonearm, making it a versatile accessory for audiophiles and professional users alike.