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Reduction of VAT with reduced prices

On 1 July VAT was reduced from 19 % to 16 %.
Of course we are happy to pass this on to our customers!
Therefore from now on: Reduced prices in our whole assortment!

concept MM wood

concept wood turntable including Satisfy Kardan black-aluminum tonearm and concept MM cartridge

2.047,06 € Plus Shipping Costs
Cart Item Number: TP053/Wood/Satisfy Kardan
Product Information

The revolutionary concept combines the highest quality of
music playback with a design that has won several awards
worldwide – including the German Design Award and
‘Best Turntable’ award from ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision’
magazine. With the concept, to find an affordable entry point
to the high-end world is a breeze. It reveals the magic of
optimum sound reproduction even for those music lovers who
could not previously afford this experience. You can buy the
concept in a package with specially developed moving magnet
(MM) or moving coil (MC) cartridges. A frictionless magnetic
bearing tonearm or our Satisfy Kardan Aluminium tonearm is
responsible for the optimal performance of the cartridges.
All critical parameters from cartridge tracking
weight to anti-skating are preadjusted in our factory. The
concept represents the ideal of stress-free ‘plug and play’:
unpack, connect, put the record on the platter – and just
enjoy music. There was never more audiophile technology in
this class of turntables.
(Similar Illustration - delivery without dustcover)