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Impressions Romantiques

Pure romance and passion

Media type: 180 g Vinyl
Performer: Gerhard Oppitz
Label: clearaudio

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Cart Item Number: LP83053
Product Information

After the begin with two early Arabesques Claude Debussy follows his ballad, with which Gerhard Oppitz won once the contest Jungend musiziert. As a reminder on this at clearaudio late released record Piano concert No.2 by Giuseppe Martucci with Gerhard Oppitz as a soloist, follows and fantastic Notturno.

Track list

1 Arasbesque Nr. 1
2 Arasbesque Nr. 2
3 Ballade
4 Notturno
5 Am Kamin
6 Soiree De Vienne Nr. 6
7 Soiree De Vienne Nr. 7
8 Polka A-Dur
9 Humoresque