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Wolfgang Bernreuther - STILL A FOOL

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Performer: Wolfgang Bernreuther
Label: clearaudio

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Product Information

Safe to say, Wolfgang Bernreuthers childhood was positively shaped by music, as he was already playing guitar and zither at the age of 10 years. As a teenager he succumbed to the blues and the magic of Jimi Hendrix and blues-legends like John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters.
„Blues is more than music. Blues is a lifestyle.” With this attitude towards life, Bernreuther is a stable part of the blues-scene. Hardly any other German blues musician shows this much creativity and variety in interpretations, songs, and lyrics. With countless albums and live performances, he has been making music for well over 40 years and also made his name known in the international high-end scene. For over two decades, Bernreuther has been working with Erlangen-based high-end label Clearaudio.
What better way to celebrate this 20 year long relationship between musician and label than with a special album. Still a fool” is the perfect symbiosis of musical talent and top-notch sound quality. Opener “Can’t Get Rid Of It”, a classic blue song, immediately sparks joy hearing the rest of the album, which has it all - original compositions and classics like "All Along The Watchtower", paying homage to idols like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. On the song “Set Sail” Bernreuther gets personal about the loss of a loved one. Looking for a “highlight” on this LP turns out to be inane - every song is simply too good. Wolfang also has a great aptitude for selecting his musicians, like Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Keith Richards), Manni von Bohr (Birth Control) or Christoph "Stofferl" Well (Biermösl Blosn). He proudly presents his son Johannes on the drums on “I Can´t Keep From Crying”.
"Still A Fool" is a treat for lovers of authentic music and deserves its place in every high-end Vinyl collection.

The audiophile CD is released in a deluxe packaging with multiple hinged carton cover incl. slipcase with a 20-paged booklet.

Track list

1| Can’t Ged Rid Of It (Wolfgang Bernreuther) 3:14
2| Slowly Drivin‘ Me Mad (Wolfgang Bernreuther) 3:37
3| All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylon) 3:32
4| Set Sail (Wolfgang Bernreuther) 3:12
5| I Can’t Keep From Crying (Blind Willie Johnson / Al Kooper) 3:47
6| Yanartas (Wolfgang Bernreuther) 1:45
7| Ellis‘ Tune (Ellis Kölbl / Werner Höpfner) 3:05
8| Long Time (Wolfgang Bernreuther) 4:21
9| A Word About Colour (Julie Driscoll) 1:39
10| 4 O’Clock In The Morning (Wolfgang Bernreuther) 3:01
11| I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash / Roy Cash) 2:30
12| Beyond Open Skies (Wolfgang Bernreuther / Christoph Well) 4:35
13| Still A Fool (Wolfgang Bernreuther) 2:10
14| Let’s Try It Again (Luther Allison) 3:56