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Roland Van Campenhout - Just another place in the universe

For his second recording "Just another place in the universe" with the cologne Label Meyer records, Roland van Campenhout was joined by the Belgian Violinist Nils De Caster and Richard Bargel.

Media type: 180 g Vinyl
Performer: Robert Coyne
Label: Meyer Records

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Cart Item Number: LPMR206
Product Information

Roland Van Campenhout, who has been active since the 60's and internationally established as a blues musician since 1969, is not only a sought-after musician in his home country. In recent years, he has considerably expanded his own musical spectrum and experimented with world music elements, especially with African, Asian and oriental sounds and instruments, and in addition to the blues, he has always incorporated influences from folk, country and rock into his music
For this production Roland invited the Belgian violinist and bluegrass virtuoso Nils De Caster as a guest. In this country you might know him as an actor from the grandiose indie movie "The Broken Circle", in which he
also took part musically

And finally, Richard Bargel, who has had a significant influence on the German blues scene from Cologne for years, also played a part. Obviously, everyone involved was in a good mood, because the versions offered here are full of humour and playfulness - which was naturally transferred to the audience and even on the record still.

Track list

1. Footsteps Fall
2. Jelly Roll Baler
3. Never Too Soon
4. Last Letter Home
5. Little Sadie
6. 900 Miles
7. Two Old Mules
8. Way Beyond The Moon
9. Fine Sugar Mamma